The Best Plays, Inc. organizes The Best Plays Festival that has vitalized and enriched theater industry and environment in Korea. The 1st Best Plays Festival, launched by Dongsoong Art Center Theater Company in 2004, achieved records of gross attendance 170,000 and capacity 81% over a year, proving that theater could be accepted widely.

The Best Plays Inc. started with the 2nd Best Plays Festival "Cho Jae Hyun Is Programmer!" in which ten memorable plays were produced and presented two by two over 14 months from December 2007 to February 2009. The 2nd Festival, hitting the highest records of gross attendance 270,000 and capacity 95%, led the industry and opened up new vistas of the future of art festivals.

The Best Plays' current work is thrilled: we are producing outstanding Korean plays of the past in repertoire; we are looking for new plays to support; we are introducing remarkable foreign plays; we keep interacting with foreign theater organizations. Finally, we will be happy to let you enjoy the great shows, and let more and more people be delighted experiencing theater. It will surely lead to development and enrichment of the industry and culture.

The Best Plays' list of potential audience includes everyone. No one will be missed; the class now far away from culture, such as teenagers and housekeepers, will have its own theater as there will be no shortage of diversity in our program. Everyone will be connected. Everyone who creates theater and everyone who experiences it will be linked with each other through The Best Plays Festival. Renaissance of Korean Theater will come, as you believe us and love theater.