Click and download the “Booking Application” form below and fill it.
Send it to
You will receive a confirming mail along with an account number.
Send payment to the account at least 4 days in advance of the day you selected.
It's done!
Notes on Booking:
Booking is finished when payment is confirmed.
Booking is cancelled:
- if payment is not sent to the account at least 4 days in advance.
- if the payment is not same with the ticket price.
- if the payment sender's name is not same with the booking applicant's name.
Please receive admission tickets 30 minutes in advance of the show time.
Modifying or cancelling booking is only available until 5:00 pm on the preceding day. If the preceding day is Saturday, it is only available until 12:00 pm.
You are not guaranteed admission without booking.
You are not allowed to admit after the show time.