Moms talking truth are funnier than the Sex and the City women and more desperate than the Desperate Housewives!
Listen to the energetic mamas' exhilarating and poignant chatter!
Mom's the word
Written by Robin Nichol, Alison Kelly, Deborah Williams, Linda Carson, Jill Daum and Barbara Pollard.
Directed by Lee Sung Won.
With Jung Jae Eun and 5 actresses.
At Dongsoong Art Center 5F Studio, Daehak-ro.
Dec. 18, 2009 – Feb. 28, 2010.
No Money, No Baby?
You will see one of the most heartbroken lists of living expenses!
Gyungnam Changnyung-gun Gilgok-myun
is adapted from the German play Oberöstereich
Written by Franz Xaver Kroetz.
Adapted and directed by Ryu Joo Yeon.
With Kim Sun Young and Lee Joo Won.
At Dongsoong Art Center 5F Studio, Daehak-ro.
Aug. 6 - Oct. 31, 2010
Here comes No Hee Kyung, the legendary writer of TV drama "Lies", "More Beautiful than Flowers", and "The World They Live in"!
She portrays love and farewell in the name of Mother.
The Most Beautiful Farewell in the World
Written by No Hee Kyung.
Apr. 23, 2010 – Jun. 27, 2010.
25 Years together in the same room, same time every year!
The beautiful 25 weekends for a couple understanding each other more than their spouses!
Same Time, Next year
Written by Bernard Slade.
Directed by Park Seung Gul.
With Ahn Nae Sang and Kim Sung Lyung.
At Art One Theater II, Daehak-ro.
Nov. 5, 2010 - Jan. 31, 2011.
This generation's writer Kim Young Ha's best-known short story is coming on the stage!
Can they be called "family"?
My Brother Came Back Home
Based on the story by Kim Young Ha.
At Dongsoong Art Center 5F Studio.
Mar. 5 - May 30, 2010.
Hilarious family comedy by Mitani Kouki, the playwright of "University of Laughs", the best play of The 2nd Best Plays Festival.
What would you do if your daughter introduces her boyfriend 40 years older than her?
Nobody Else But You
Written by Mitani Kouki.
Directed by Lee Hae Je.
With Park Chul Min, Oh Dal Soo, Yu Sun, and so on.
At Dongsoong Art Center B2F Dongsoong Hall.
Sep. 17 - Nov. 28, 2010.
Forget about the old Equus!
Here comes the most provocative one in the Korean production's history!
Written by Peter Shaffer.
Translated by Shin Jung Ok.
Directed by Cho Jae Hyun.
Co-directed by Kim Nak Hyung.
With Song Seung Hwan, Cho Jae Hyun, Jung Tae Woo, Ryu Duk Hwan, Lee Yang Sook, Park In Seo, Kim Sang Kyu, Park Cho Long, Kim Bo Jung, Kang Ho, Kim Jin Mo, Cha Yong Hak, Kang Sung Chul, Park Jung Hwan, Park Jung Gil, Lee Dae Hee, Lee Jae Hyuk, Shin Myung Keun, Lee Jung Hyun.
At EDA I, Daehak-ro. / Dec. 1, 2009 - Jan. 31, 2010.
At Dongsoong Art Center B2F Dongsoong Hall. / Feb. 5, 2010 – Mar. 14, 2010.
Bae Jong Ok is Blanche!
She is intelligent and nervous enough to be the singularly unsettled character in the 20th century American literature!
A Streetcar Named Desire
Written by Tennessee Williams.
Directed by Moon Sam Hwa.
With Bae Jong Ok, Lee Ji Ha, and so on.
At Dongsoong Art Center B2F Dongsoong Hall.
Mar. 19 - May 23, 2010.
The Japanese best-selling jukebox musical is coming!
The innocent harmony of youngsters searching for dream, love and happiness!
Triangle the Musical
Written by Hourai Ryuta.
Oec. 1, 2010 - Jan. 31, 2011.